• Lee Mide

Is your Radiator cold?

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

So we’ve been called out many of times with the same problem customers have believing there’s a bigger reason to why their radiator is Stone cold and not heating up even when turning the Thermostat to its highest setting..

you would think you need a plumber/heating engineer to replace the TRV right?

Well that Could be a possibility but with most companies now having a call out fee starting from £75.00 +Vat we thought we would help you save that money for yourself to spend if possible!

On each side of your radiator you will have a valve as show in the above image.

to your Left is the Lockshield valve that’s normally set to a position to help balance out your system correctly to apply equal heat around to all radiators.

To your Right youll see the TRV, this is the common cause, we have a handy trick that could save you the cash!

Let’s start by unscrewing the TRV Head anti clockwise and removing it from the valve itself!

Now we can see the pin of the valve, if this appears to be low use something Flat to apply a small amount of pressure on it to see if it loosens up allowing the Pin to rise to a higher level, if it does the great news! You’ve got some HEAT.

Normally you will turn down the control in the warmer months because you’re too hot, then by the time summer is closing in you open it up and the pin gets stuck and doesn’t rise back up. To prevent this from happening in the future just simply turn your control up and down every now and then to ensure the pin doesn’t stiffen up in the closed position.

Checking this could save you time and money so why not give it a try!!

Blog by Lee Mide, mideandmoores